dance as if this was your last waltz (corps_co_clan) wrote in crazcrocksteady,
dance as if this was your last waltz

ANNOUNCEMENTS!! ANNOUNCEMENTS EVERYONE!! since little scum fucks have nothing better to do with their time then go through my livejournal,posting my pics of me, yes someone i duno who actually hacked an entry, how retarded of you, thank you in advance. well since the adminstrator and moderators (few of the moderators where the ones of my lj and one of you scumfuckers hacked it) of the board were so reluctent to do anything about it, give two shits, cause it's not their problem, well it is now your problem. Because my friends you have been reported to the FCC you will be notified and shut down, enjoy not having a message board anymore for fucking harassment at it's fullest. I normally don't give two shits to what a person does, thinks of me but this was taking personal property,pics which i put under my copyright and harassment of my personal life. so all you scumfucks lose and thank god and GOODBYE FINALLY TO A LOC FORUM!!
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