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dance as if this was your last waltz

hey kiddies sorry I haven't posted, updated any shows or finished the lay out I have been busy chick, I had an engagement going with my boyfriend but I think it's called off cause he's a royal asshole now, so this week with my spare time I, as you maintainer will fix up the community and give you more show line ups. Here is one for my friend Phil,promoting his show

Friday September 10th
West End Youth Center
848 N. 20th Street Allentown, PA
Doors: 5:00
Price: $7

Nine Orders Of Angels
A Crisis Andrea
Awaiting Autumn
The Aurora
Audio Recording Club
Movieline Romantics

Please come out and support your local and touring bands!

if u get a chance and ur around there or live in the area please go and check it out, you will have a grea time. Maverick the long running local jersey band is playing this show, they're awesome and from when I was in Jersey I always went to their shows and had a great time
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